Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Avoid Birthday Party Disasters birthday party is supposed to be full of fun memories and excitement. However, we all have hosted or attended a party that is disorganized or disastrous. So how can you throw a party for your kid that he and his friends will enjoy and remember with no risk of everything you have prepared fall apart at the middle of the party? Expect the unexpected! That is the simple answer. Some extra considerations prior to the special event will guarantee that the big day will run smoothly and that the celebrant will have a blast and feel very special.

Common problems at a kid's party are those that can be avoided easily with a bit extra planning at the start. Sadly, the celebrant's parents normally spend the whole party time frantically running around tending to the guests, food, and gifts, and basically end up missing out on the fun there is.

After you pick the theme for the party, follow the three basic rules stated below which will help avoid disasters and will allow you the parents to have the time to relax and enjoy your kid's party.

1. Get and purchase more than you need before the party.

It is very common during parties to ran out of drinks or plates at a time you would not want it to happen. Maybe more guests showed up than you planned for initially, or perhaps your guests have used more cups and plates than you have expected. It is always best to bear in mind these two possibilities when you are shopping for party supplies. A good rule is to allot three cups and two plates for each party-goer. Do not forget to consider that most guests will bring along a sibling or a friend. The same strategy must be applied to goodie bags and food. If you invite 40 people, then expect 55.

2. Make sure the kids are entertained at all times.

Having a number of optional and simple recreational activities dtring your kid's party will not only give you free time but will also keep everyone entertained. Plan simple and fun kid's activities that can be done when food is being served or while guests arrive. Doing crafts is also ideal considering that materials are cheap and finished simple artworks can be taken home. Bear in mind the theme of the party and the age of the kids when you are picking a game or craft. Choose those that require only little supervision and is not so messy

3. Do not do it by yourself.

The most disappointing thing is to realize that you missed out on almost every fun moment of your kid's party because you were too busy in everything. Even if you have prepared many months in advance, you would still find yourself being the chef, host, doctor, and referee. Assign some of your friends or family members a specific task such as greeting guests, taking photos, preparing and serving slices of cake, collecting trash, and arranging presents. If you are planning a big party, ask someone, preferably a reliable adult to arrange some things for you like follow up on the cake, or contact a sound systems rental in Sydney or a birthday party DJ hire.

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