Thursday, September 20, 2012

Golf Vacation, Mental Vacation vacation: a magical phrase. Dreaming of a golf vacation is exciting, planning one can be just as rewarding. Good planning prevents a dream from turning into a nightmare.

The first consideration is the budget, how much do you have to spend. Realistic is the key here, figure a dollar amount you can spend and subtract 15-20% off the top for a cushion for those unforseen expenses. Surprises can and do happen, even with the best planning. After you have your top dollar amount or the amount you can spend minus your 15-20% cushion, then move onto other considerations.

Are you driving or flying? Search out deals complete packages, with flight, hotel green fees, or if driving hotel and green fees packages. Some hotels offer stay and play packages, and these offer a price break on your room as well as green fees. Just be sure to know and understand if any special stipulations are attached such as minimum number of nights days of the week available. Inquiring about other charges would be helpful.

Next is the make-up of the group that will be traveling with you. Are the players roughly of the same skill level or is it a mixed bag of skills? This needs to be taken into account when planning what courses will be available. Are you traveling with friends and family that will not be golfing, then check on surrounding activities and attractions. If the non-golfing members have already voiced their expectations, great, if not it would be wise to inquire about their expectations and wishes for the vacation. While everyone won’t get everything they desire mutual give and take and the airing of opinions helps everyone own the experience, and gives everyone more piece of mind and it will increase the fun for the whole group.

Faraway exotic places or big name courses are not the only or the best solution, but rather the key is planning, preparation, and open dialog among the members of the group about expectations and desired outcomes. While you cannot plan for every surprise failure to plan leaves everything a surprise. a written list of the articles needed for the trip such as, clothing, maps, tickets, medications, toiletries. Make provisions for stopping delivery of mail and newspaper while you are gone. Can someone check on your place of residence if the trip is longer than a weekend? What about pets, plants. Turn the thermostat back a few degrees also consider turning down the hot water heater (if you are comfortable doing this). A lot of people put their lights on timers for that at home look. To some people the details may seem annoying, but a comprehensive list saves time and annoyance.Plus every time you work on the list or the details of the trip it affords the opportunity to take a little mental vacation to your destination.

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