Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let There Be Light, Part 1 - The Camping Lantern only thing worse than setting up a tent in the rain is setting up a tent in the rain in the dark. That is a lesson I learned all too well while trying to set up camp in the middle of the night during a cold New England thunderstorm. Having the right camping lantern can be the difference between a camping trip you'll never forget and one you wish you could.

A good camping lantern is usually one of two styles - gas or battery - and the right one for you depends on the type of camping you'll be doing, the amount of gear you can afford to take, and what you'll be doing while you're camping.

Gas Camping Lanterns

Gas-powered lanterns typically provide the brightest light of the two types, though most are adjustable so you can conserve fuel when you don't need as much light. They usually do better in the cold than do battery-powered lanterns. There are a number of different types of fuel available, including propane, butane, dual fuel, and kerosene. If you live in an area where white gas (butane, propane, etc) is not readily available, dual fuel lanterns are probably the best option because they allow you use unleaded gas. You usually can't go wrong if you choose a lantern that uses the same fuel as your camp stove.

Though it may seem obvious to most, it is worth mentioning that all of these fuels are extremely flammable, and any time you change or refill tanks you should be far away from any open flames or flame sources. Also, because of the nature of system, gas camping lanterns can become very hot, and while in use they should be kept out of children's easy reach.

Necessary equipment besides the lantern and fuel includes spare mantels and a way to light the lantern. Most new lanterns come with electric ignitions, so you won't have to worry about including matches or a barbecue lighter in your supplies for the lantern (don't forget them if you plan on having a fire or cooking something!). You'll need to get a protective carrying case as most lanterns don't come with one included. Optional equipment includes a lantern reflector to redirect light escaping out of the back of the lantern, and a stand to hang your lantern in a central place in camp. Gas camping lanterns are not practical options if you'll be hiking to where you'll be camping, so you'll need to consider another lighting option.

Battery-Powered Camping Lanterns

Battery-powered camping lanterns make up in convenience anything they may lose in other categories. With a little bit of searching you'll be able to find lanterns that use every size and type of battery, and you will be hard pressed to find a gas station or convenient store that doesn't sell batteries. Though not as bright as their gas-powered counterparts, battery-powered lanterns put out plenty of light. On many you can adjust the brightness.

One of their biggest advantages is that they are safe to take inside tents, cars, or other enclosed space. You should never take a gas-burning lantern into a tent or car because of the risk of fire. Depending on the type of light bulb, battery-powered lanterns don't ever get very hot, so they are safer to use around children. They don't do as well in the cold as gas lanterns, so if you're planning any cold weather camping trips, you'll need to consider whether you should have a gas lantern available.

Battery-powered camping lanterns, though sometimes less bulky than gas lanterns, typically are a little larger than you would ever want to carry with you on a hike. Some flashlights feature a lantern option - you sacrifice quite a bit in the way of brightness, but you lose a lot of the bulk, which makes them good hiking options. Additional equipment you should have on hand in addition to the lantern includes extra batteries, spare light bulbs, and optionally a lantern stand that you can put in a central spot in camp.

Which Brand Should I Get?

The brand of lantern you should get depends on what you need and how much you're willing to spend. There are a lot of quality camping lanterns out there. Some have a few more bells and whistles than others. Some cost more than others. The best way to shop for a lantern is first, decide which type of lantern you'll need; and second, shop around for the best price. You'll usually find the best deals online, though retail stores and outdoors warehouses also have great prices sometimes. The most important thing to remember is to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, even if it's dark.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Benefits of Swimming With Fins pair of fins is an extreme qualifications device to have on hand about the pool, no matter if you're a competitive, recreational, or even fitness swimmer. If you still aren't convinced that you need to add a fin workout to your swim habits, then keep reading to find out the many benefits of swimming with fins.

Increase Speed

First and foremost, swim fins can help give powerful forward propulsion to your normal swim workout. They could easily shed few seconds off the lap times and are therefore a perfect decision for the sprint sets. Because they allow swimmers to cover more distance in a short amount of time, fins help increase the cardiovascular intensity of the workout. Their extra push just could be called as a fun thing to use during a lap pool and a wonderful choice for a long remoteness swimming program. Open water swimmers, such as those working up to triathlon distances, find that swim fins are essential qualifications devices. Because fins allow swimmers to cover distances in shorter periods of time, open water swimmers can aggressively train for race day without completely exhausting them.

Develop Long, Lean and Powerful Muscles

Swim fins actively engage and job muscle groups through the upper and lower leg. As you could see fins displacing extra amount of water, you could find lots of resistance for your muscles to simply job against it. Over some time your body will be able to adapt to this increase in the workload and thus could become other stronger after the end of the training. Swim fins are amongst the top ways to work over the swim specific muscle groups and hence it could help you a lot in cross experience athletic activities form the leg strength vital for the competitive swimming.

Improve Technique and Rhythm

The increased speed that fins offer is not only extreme for humanizing lap time, but also necessary for improving body positioning and technique. The propulsion in the forward direction which the fins cater simply help some weaker and the beginners to plane over the topmost of the water rather than sinking of their hips. Plus, there are quite a few fins that are designed just to stay buoyant that also could help to keep the swimmers' feet over its surface. This more horizontal positioning allows swimmers to superior slice through the water. Over time, fins can help build the necessary muscle memory needed to have proper body alignment. More advanced swimmers can use swim fins to help increase stroke rhythm. By using the fins to increase the speed of their kick, swimmers can work on progressing stroke turnover.

Loosen Ankle/Leg Flexibility novices could find an arduous time to find out the proper kind of flexibility and the essential flow within the kick. This is mainly due to stiff ankles and poor lower leg flexibility. The cross trainers including the ones found running and cycling are seen with dull kind of ankle flexibility. The swim fins just help you in developing good muscles over the lower legs, but at the same time rapidly boost your ankle flexibility. Fins help add surface area and resistance to the ankles, which in turn safely stretches the ankles and feet. When the ankles are able to hyper-extend, the foot can catch and displace other water, and therefore increase overall stroke speed. The fins just help the swimmers to expand a good amount of motion along with getting some efficient kicks.

Swim fins in a variety of neon colors are a common sight wherever people are swimming, but especially at beaches around the world. Kids love them, and many adults wear them regularly for swimming. It give you the ability to move more quickly through water exercise with swim fins with much less effort than you'd need otherwise.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scarpa Walking Boots - Finding Top Quality Foot Wear You Can Trust winter fast approaching, a pair of Scarpa Manta boots are a must for yourself, or as a gift for others. Grip, flexibility and durability are all much better than other brands.

Not only is the Scarpa Manta brand the favorite in the UK, it has also been a six time winner of the Trail's best 4 season boot accolade. The classic and popular boot is ideal for all seasons, especially winter and is great for Alpine climbing, hiking or walking across a glacier.

One benefit of the brand is that the footwear is durable and will last you for at least several years. The boots are flexible and comfortable and are resistant to abrasion; they are also great for protecting the feet.

The boots also remain dry all the time, thanks to the water resistant GORE TEX lining, a great feature for outdoor use. Also essential for outdoors enthusiasts is the pattern of heave on the soles of the boots, allowing a much better grip on snow and ice. Walking is also easier because of the ankle cuffs. Scarpa Manta boots have also improved over the years, with a more cushioned sole and an overall lighter feel. In fact the weight of the shoe has been reduced by 10 percent, because of the pro fiber midsole, which mimic the use of crampons, allowing you to climb at higher altitudes. The overall stability of the shoe has also been improved too.

For over half a century, men and women have been wearing the high quality shoes manufactured by Scarpa Manta. The prices have remained reasonable, ensuring value for money and for many years, this high quality Italian shoe maker has been popular and respected in the US.

These boots that are perfect for the outdoors and winter sports are created by a team of dedicated professional, all of whom love their work, as well as the outdoors. The company also carefully monitors every aspect of their shoe production process, right up to the finished product. Even the leather is specially chosen and is water resistant because of the small silicone particles in the material.

For decades, Scarpa Manta have relied on a combination of quality materials, expert craftsmanship and the latest in technology to create some of the best winter footwear there is. If you are climbing in the UK and want the ultimate in comfortable, yet practical footwear, a pair of these shoes is a must.

The company's Alpine shoe is the best selling product, and provides a comfortable and broad fit.