Friday, July 20, 2012

Future of Formula One Races in India Is Bright race in Noida has gained a huge attention of the sports enthusiasts, which was held at the official inauguration of India's first Formula One track. This track is located at Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida which is nearly 60 km from the centre of Delhi.

The 80 year old Jaiprakash Gaur, who is the founder of Jaypee Group of Companies owns this track and has the right to hold F1 races on it. He said on the aforementioned occasion, "This (the Grand Prix of India) will erase the shame of the Commonwealth Games," "This is about putting India on the world map."

This track was compared with former American President John F. Kennedy's effort of sending men to the moon, by Manoj Gaur who is CEO and MD of Jaiprakash Associated Ltd. He said, "It was not just about a person standing on the moon, it was about all the other things that were developed to get the man there." The Jaypee group tried its best to pull the journalists to every stop of the track in order to give it enough exposure. Sprawling media center, medical center with compact operating theatre, burns treatment center etc. are some of the specialties of this track. On the other hand, twists and turns of the tracks are also well-documented. The elevation changes which are woven through the entire circuit will set the track apart from the others which are made till date. F1's parent body Federation Internationale de l'Automobile's (FIA) had set some new regulations some time ago which were also kept in mind while making this track.

Narain Karthikeyan who is Hispania Racing Team's Indian driver said, "It's absolutely world class, no question about it." He leaned over the track for a test drive in a sporty Mercedes stock car. Readiness of the track was showed by Indian origin Swiss Formula One driver Neel Jani driving F1 car around the track of newly-inaugurated Buddh International Circuit ahead of the Indian Grand Prix in Greater Noida. Some part of the track is still incomplete where construction workers are adding the finishing touches.

"In an Indian wedding, even though the big arrangements are over, little bits of work always remain, and here we are talking of 24 brides (the 24 cars in the race), so of course we will have to work till the last minute," finally said by Jaiprakash. F1 race images are worth seeing by the readers, which (images) are telling about the future of Formula One races in India.

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